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Phantom Punch


The first notes of the new CD from the Norweigan indie pop dreamboat, Sondre Lerche call to mind Wings-era Paul McCartney- then track 2 blows open with some ska-punk influenced goodness, which blends right to track 3, skipping but one beat- into a jangly tune full of catchy hooks, and it's an enjoyable ride thoughout, as Sondre and his band The Faces Down deftly venture from 1970's psychedelia to Brazilian bossa nova and points in between and not anywhere near, changing up the energy level as well as the sound. His lyrical style reminds me of Elliott Smith, because it sounds great- full of feeling- but when I read it, I have no idea what he's saying. Poetic. The title track is disco-riffic. I defy you to listen without conjuring up images of a disco ball and shaking your shoulders. According to the artist, though, you could waltz... (he calls it the first "disco-waltz") Check out track 5 to hear why all the girls are goin' crazy! Oh! So sensitive! 8, and 10 are also knee weakeners.

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