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Jennifer O’Connor

Over The Mountain, Across The Valley & Back To The Stars


O’Connor, who has been compared to Liz Phair and hailed as the next Phair and Elliot Smith, has very high expectations. No need anymore, as O’Connor delivers a strong 3rd album that plays much like vintage Liz Phair and various other women of alt-rock/alt-folk. An unbelievable album that has a lot to offer; had this album come out in the 90’s, it would have been a staple on mainstream modern rock playlists, even though her album isn’t all rock. She has very relatable lyrics and her backing band mixes well with her musical style. Standout tracks: #1 “Century Estates”, #3 “Exeter, Rhode Island”, #8 “I Was So Wrong” and # 12 “I’ll Bring You Home”. An outstanding album by O’Connor that stretches the folk genre into the rock genre and vice versa. Lane Zoerhof

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