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Field of Crows


12 fine songs by Darden, many colored by the war in Iraq, the ‘04 election and the Tsunami, especially #3, 4 & 10. Others are about our connection with others -- finding it, holding it, losing it, & the desire for more. Talk Me Down is about having a good friend in troubled times. In Mary, a father is getting his daughter up & ready for her mothers wedding. Golden Age of Pain, has a Leonard Cohen sound & talks about a Tidal Wave of Tears & You Gotta Have Love, Peace & Trust on the Street. Field of Crows talks about the World Spinning out of Control. Is That Any Way To Treat Your Lover, speaks for itself. My Heart is Still Wide Open For You, says Love Doesn't Disappear with the Lover. The expended titles of the rest are: Without Your Love, I'd Be a Spinning Wheel; Baby, You & I, Know how To Be Satisfied; To Make Love, It Takes Two; When Push Comes To Shove, Fight For Love; Golden Boy; & All That I Wanted, Was You. - Tee

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