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The Outer Vibe

Full Circle


The Outer Vibe’s journey from local favorites to national tours has been a fun ride - I’ve been keeping up personally with this group for years, and this has to be their best release yet. Full Circle feels like a controlled, professional production from start to finish, clearly fleshed out and properly themed with their new self-proclaimed genre of surf disco. Local bands can learn a good lesson from the success of these fun-loving Grand Rapidians. Love, joy, and realism are blended into a fruity pina colada of rock n’ roll that screams “California”, where this record and several of their latest music videos were recorded. Each performer in The Outer Vibe excels at their core instrument, which is really what brings this record together - the vocals are crisp and powerful, the basslines flowing in time with the fresh, steady beats, and the tracks are laden with surfy guitar riffs, variable synths, and who doesn’t love a good trumpet? Feels good to have talent like this from your hometown.

review by Ben

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