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Mansions On The Moon

Mansions on the Moon


Mansions on the Moon seem to have been very busy since they formed in 2011; associated with the likes of N*E*R*D, DIPLO and Wiz Khalifa to name a few. Now, they are on tour supporting their self-titled debut album, which contains songs that members of the group have been working on since before the band was even formed. Group members consist of Ted Wendler (g,v), Pnuma Trio's Ben Hazlegrove (k,v) and Lane Shaw (d), and Jeff Mancora (b,k).

As with many electropop albums out there, and if you're my age, this one will remind you of the 80's: new wave synth pop influences, Roland Jupiter or Yamaha DX7-like sounds creating dreamy sonic landscapes, all while keeping the cheese-level quite low. Add sweet vocal harmonies, subtle drum-to-drum machine variations between song verses, and even subtle genre variations within the same song make the album very entertaining. I don't think there is a single weak song here, and Somewhere Else Tonight stands out as the album's single. It has a great video which you can check out on YouTube. Looking forward to seeing more from this group in the future.

review by Ernesto

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