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The Americana band, Shiny Shiny Black, hale from Goshen, Indiana. Their debut album, Travelers, released April 19, 2014, incorporates classic guitar tones, similar to Brian Setzer, Luke Doucet, and Tom Petty, and indie rock sensibilities, like Wilco and The Black Keys. Nathan Butler leads the band, carrying the songwriting torch, on lead vocals and guitar. Anna Pasquarello Sherck is on second guitar, backing vocals, and occasionally the flute. Bryan Chris is the group's bass guitarist. They have labeled themselves "Coffe-House Rock N' Roll." The three members are determined to become a must-see act, and have already garnered praise from Will Kimborough, a number of radio hosts, and Steve Martin. The opening track, "Look Me In The Eyes" is a rock tune with heavy electric guitar, while the guitar holds back on "Six Shooter", slowly building behind the Butler's vocals. The album's first single "Lights On" has a repetitious chorus that encourages listeners to join in. "Heaven Only Knows" is a mostly-instrumental track, and signals the shift to more contemplative songs like "Lady Of The Harbor" and "Like a Star."  The album closes with "The Prisoner" a banjo driven song with Butler singing about the highs and lows of life.
Richard Martin

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