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Sweet Disarray


Dan Croll is a British singer-songwriter from Staffordshire, England. At 18, Croll moved to Liverpool to attend Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, where he won the national Songwriter of the Year award from the Musicians Benevolent Fund. After releasing his first three singles, Croll supported Bastille on their UK tour in October 2013 and Imagine Dragons on their European Leg in November 2013. He also supported London Grammar in February 2014. The band behind the record is made up of Dan Croll (vocals, guitar), John Stark (bass, vocals), Jacob Berry (keys, vocals), Jethro Fox (guitar, vocals), and David Kelly (drums). Their debut album, Sweet Disarray, was released on March 10, 2014. The album opens with Croll's first single, "From Nowhere," about the simple power of a stare. "Compliment Your Soul" changes up the sound of the album, including some horns and a simpler guitar. One of the most interesting uses of electronica sounds in the album is on "Can You Hear Me," which contains some soul elements. There is also an overpowering ambient noise that dominates the levels at the end of the track. The album's title track, "Sweet Disarray," features Croll's sorrowing vocals over a simple electric guitar line, building to include gorgeous vocal and instrumental harmonies.

- Richard Martin

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