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Days In Other Days


Days In Other Days is the first, full-length album from Ann Arbor based electronic group Nightlife. The duo met in 2010 at a Michigan house show and soon discovered a mutual infatuation with dream-life, dancing, and pop music. With Darin Rajabian's classic euro-disco inspired tracks backing Caroline Myrick's soft vocals, Nightlife put out their first, 6-track EP. In September 2013, five months following the release of Days In Other Days, Nightlife announced on their Facebook page that they would no longer be performing together "For no other reason but new horizons and directions to be seen and taken." Myrick and Rajabian were incredibly thankful to their fans. The album opens with a fast paced confessional, "Worried Bird." The confession continues with "Too Young", featuring Myrick's dreamy vocals above 80s sounding, electronic pop keys. "Days In Other Days", the title track of the album, has a darker sound with a driving electronic drumbeat. Myrick's vocals take on a haunted quality as light piano variations on the melody play above heavy bass synth. The pop sounding "Locked and Loaded" features layered beats from Rajabian, and Myrick's love song lyrics.  Days In Other Days closes with "Wonder," an up beat song full of longing.
Richard Martin

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