The Aperturistic Trio

Truth and Actuality

The band features James Weidman on piano, Harvie S on bass and Steve Williams on drums. Harvie Swartz issued the self-titled Urban Earth in 1985 whose ensemble included among others David Sanborn and Mike Stern. Steve Williams worked with the late jazz singer Shirley Horn for more than 25 years. The trio's first release in 1997 was People Music. They have a passion for the lyrical side of the music and Weidman composed most tracks on this CD. He was mentored by jazz pianist James Williams (of William Paterson University) and Detroit native Bob Neloms (post-bop pianist for Charles Mingus' final band and house pianist at Motown for a few years in the 60s) who steered him towards jazz, having grown up playing organ church music. Weidman is a sideman musician, working with an impressive roster of artists including Steve Coleman and Cassandra Wilson. This is mostly soothing jazz with minimal and maximum instrumentation, just as the band's root name implies--aperture. Recommended:  My favorite is "Homily for Pastor B." "Courage" is an 8 minute journey written by Harvey Swartz, and provides a showcase of his soulful skill on upright bass.  Reviewed by Pam VandeKerkhoff

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