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Specter at the Feast


Six albums into its career, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is still making dark and fuzzy shoe-gaze rock (and that's just fine by me). Specter at the Feast is the latest release from the L.A. band. For this release, the band returned to its roots, recording at Dave Grohl's Studio 606, the same studio that the debut self-titled album was recorded. Something you might not know is that bass player Robert Levon Been's father, Michael Been, was the singer for 1980's rock band The Call. In his later years, however, Michael Been was BRMC's sound engineer. During the 2010 tour, while working backstage, Michael Been had a heart attack and died. The somber themes explored by Specter at the Feast were obviously inspired by this event, indeed, even the title is taken from the tragedy Macbeth. Not only is the album dedicated to Michael Been's memory, it sports a cover of The Call's biggest hit, "Let the Day Begin". Rebecca Ruth

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