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Miss Ready Blossom and the Seed of Dreams


He may come from Vermont but Aaron Flinn just may be the lost son of Johnny Cash. His songs have that growl and churning guitars that remind one of the Man in Black, but this guy reveals a much more sentimental side than we saw in Big Bad John (at least during his Top of the Charts days). "She's My Girl" and "My Daughter's Hand" immediately show the love which pops up in other tunes as well, culminating in the most sentimental song for a horse you will ever hear in "Bucky." But Flinn gets tough, too, as typified on his cover of Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried" and his own "Tasting Tears." Out of left field comes an interesting acoustic cover of the Disney tune "Small World." This guy strikes me as a hard-working good-hearted musician hoping to support his family playing songs. It would be cool to help him do so. Michael J. 05/12 F-Anericana

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