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Andrew Bird

The Mysterious Production of Eggs


When presented with an album, adorned with quirky illustrations, entitled, "The Mysterious Production of Eggs", you should rightly expect to hear a collection of musical creativity. This is exactly what Chicago-based violinist and whistler extraordinaire Andrew Bird gives us.

"The Mysterious Production of Eggs" contains lush introspective songs, full of poetic lyrics, and strong compositions. The lyrics seem like the rantings of a nervous college poetry student. There are some nicely used vocal layerings and harmonies as well.

Bird is a genre jumper. He has dabbled in pop, folk, soul and more notably, in retro-swing. In fact, many know him as an auxiliary member of The Squirrel Nut Zippers. This makes each new album, including this, his 5th release, seem like a RE- debut.

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