Another Wondrous Conversation


“Another Wondrous Conversation” is the second release from Diggity, a rock band from Indiana. The album opener, “Muffin House” seemed encouraging; however, not all the songs here are instrumentals. The band flirts with different styles of rock, including the mild, salsa-flavored “Bulunda” and the bland funk of “Mass Reaction”. (Those are the throw-away songs.) There is also the loungey trip-hop of “Bathwater”, the Parliament-style vocals of “People On The Moon”, and the jammy “Muffin House Pt.2”. Some of the songs on this release are a bit synth-heavy (in an 80’s kind of way) and offer synth solos such as that found on “Puzzle”, which features vocals that are reminiscent of David Byrne..adding to that 80’s flavor. All in all “Another Wondrous Conversation” leaves me wondering what this band could become when it matures. Rebecca Ruth

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