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This is the second time around for this Boston-based bluegrass outfit, named for the '30s radio station where the Monroe Brothers were often heard (WJKS--Where Joy Kills Sorrow), and this set takes the bluegrass basics and adds a variety of other influences, from jazz to rock to blues. More experimental than JKS's debut, one finds songs of dark, light and in-between, book-ended by Matthew Arcara's picking (he's an award-winner in that category) and Emma Beaton's vocals. Bassist and main composer Bridget Kearney has a John Lennon Songwriting title under her belt, so the lyric-music interplay is seamless. Check out "Reservations," "New Man" and "Eli." And for a mood-evoker, sample "Somewhere Over the Atlantic." Laudable and applaudable. 09/11 Michael J. F-Americana

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