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Hot Sauce Committee Part Two


No FCC issues as everything that would be offensive is bleeped out

Label: Capitol
Released: 3 May 2011

This is the first record (with vocals) for the Beastie Boys in nearly 7 years though not by their own choice, it should have been released 2 years ago but was delayed after MCA was diagnosed with cancer. Meant to be the weirder side of the Hot Sauce Committee duo and actually released before Part One, it is surprisingly straight forward but still full of the electronic embellishments that have characterized late career Beasties.

While the Beastie Boys do seem a little bit more grown up lyrically it does seem at times that they are stuck in another decade, rapping about Lee Majors, Kenny Rogers Roasters and Zip discs, things that don’t have too much relevance in 2011. Despite this, the samples and instrumentation are as fresh as ever and overall make another great Beastie Boys record.

Recommended Tracks: Make Some Noise (1), Nonstop Disco Powerpack (2), Don’t Play No Game I Can’t Win (7, featuring Santogold)

Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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