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She was a Boy


FCC Clean

Label – Tot ou tard (Atlantic)
Released – 10 May 2011

It’s hard to follow up the success that Yael Naim had after her last self-titled record featuring the Steve Jobs-approved song “New Soul” that catapulted her from a French-Israeli nobody to an international celebrity but I think she does a pretty good job at it. Sticking with what worked from the last album, she follows the same jazz inspired folk and airy lilt that garnered her wide acclaim. But despite her success her songs focus on tragedy over joy with crying and flying away being common words and themes featured on multiple tracks. Nonetheless if you enjoyed the last album this will be right up your alley.

Recommended Tracks: Come Home (1, the obvious new “New Soul”), She was a Boy (3), Go to the River (4)

Reviewed by Devon Cunningham

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