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Ben Harpers tenth full studio release reaches from one of the spectrum to the other. This CD begins with the Tom Petty sounding "Don't Give Up On Me Know"; the CD then turns to a psychedelic sounding "I Will Not Be Broken" which ends with some screaming guitar from Mr. Harper. "Rock and Roll is Free" and "Waiting On A Sign" are both catchy rock tracks that are clearly aimed to be singles from this release, the first written while touring with Neil Young and inspired from his "Rocking In The Free World." "Feel Love" and "Pray That Our Love Sees The Dawn" are the most beautiful folk sounding ballads that Ben has written in years and are true standouts on this disc. "Spilling Faith" and "Get There From Here" represent a real jam rock sound as they segway into each other and feature Ringo Star on drums. The CD concludes with "Dirty Little Lover" and "Do It For You, Do It For Us" both tracks that have a Relentless 7 sound and have guitars and vocals that could shred Metallica. This CD has something for everyone and though may not have a true cohesiveness to it, you will find some great tracks no matter which side of Ben Harper you like the best. Reviewed By: Gregg Saur

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