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Elbow (IMHO) is a very quirky band, led by frontman and songwriter Guy Garvey. The band has been together for 20 years, so they aren't exactly an instant phenomenon; however, there is no dispute that they are, indeed, a phenomenon. Prior to this review I didn't know anything about this group, but I have been watching YouTube recordings, and to that end, I am very impressed with the band's devotion to musical detail. They are considered to be one of the premier musical exports, and I have to say that the music I have heard thus far is lush, and full of depth – particularly the eight minute long first cut (“The Birds”). I really like the shorter,but infinitely richer in detail, second cut (“Lippy Kids”) - the refrain for this song lends the title for this, the band's, fifth studio recording. I'm not sure how to classify this type of music, but I think I will like the category – once I discover it. The third cut on this cd seems to have a World Music mien to it (“With Love”), and it compares favorably to a song popularized by Sting (of The Police) – the name of which fails me at the moment. I can pick up some musical comparisons to Radiohead, as well. Listening for awhile, I am more inclined to call this studio release from this 20-year-old band to be some of the finest writing and performing of original music in quite awhile. If you are looking for a band with a lot of energy and flash – this is not your band. On the other hand, if you are looking for a band that stays true to their music, and make music seem as easy as breathing – who paint with a delicate brush such a broad spectrum of musical tones that they seem to all be endowed with at least eight limbs each. It has finally dawned on me where I have heard this type of music before – and why I like it – it sounds evocatively like The Moody Blues (especially “High Ideals” and “The River”). The major difference is the lack of a story thread from chief singer/songwriter Guy Garvey. The choral outpourings from “Open Arms” makes the hairs stand on my arms! I cannot for the life of me understand why this very gifted includes a (distorted”) reprise of the first cut (“The Birds”), but then the moment is lost and we are treated to the last cut (“Dear Friends”).

All in all, I have to say I am glad to finally be introduced to this supremely talented band. That's my two nickels..............................Nick

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