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Nowhere Else To Go


Review by Steven “Nick” Nickelson of Nowhere Else To Go by Ivor Thomas ARTIST BIO Ivor Thomas currently resides in Rockford, MI. That is all the biographical information I was able to glean in a short period of time. Review: This is his first cd release as a Christian artist, and I think he may find a home in the Christian music arena as a songwriter/lyricist; however, his singing should best be left to the professionals. Also, he should consult a good record producer so that his music might come off more polished, rather than earnest (some representative samples: “I Just Can't Tell”, “How Can You”). I do want to mentionTwo notable exceptions: “The Show Has Begun”, “Nowhere Else To Go” are well-written and well-performed pieces). The CD cover and insert give no information regarding contributing artists – the only info gleaned is that all songs were written by Mr. Thomas. I would like to say that whoever is playing is good at their craft (“Don't Bother Me”, “Everything (For A While)”– unfortunately, I have no way of acknowledging them. The rest of the songs on this first cd are not very remarkable, musically, but may have theological relevance. Overall, this artist shows some moments of creative and musical brilliance, but you have to be really patient to sift through this inaugural release to find them. And, as always, taste is relative. I do firmly believe that Ivor Thomas has the writing chops to make a living in the Christian Music genre, but I would would draw the line at the singing. ---Nick

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