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Straight Line


Pete Bernhard, part of the Trio “The Devil Makes Three” gives us the solo album “Straight Line”. The big departure from the bluegrass/punk style of TDM3 is less punk with a slant toward rock He also added solid drumming to work with as opposed to a bass for rhythm. This is Folk Music in the best sense. Great lyrics packed with sarcasm and irony. “Sometime what you want ain’t what you need” is one of the lines from #3 “Warning” that you’ve heard before but Pete delivers with style that makes it well worth listening to. His cover of Townes Van Zandt’s “Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold” (#5) is a standout. #6 “Pray For Rain” examines the reckless, mindset of those who worship at the altar of consumerism. Pete seems to find the honesty and great music to articulate what he’s feeling the way people thought Bob Dylan did. I enjoyed every song on this cd. – Anne Lamont

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