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Things About Comin' My Way: A Tribute to the Music of the Mississippi Sheiks


The Mississippi Sheiks were one of the most popular blues groups of the 1930s, centered around the duo of Walter Vinson and Lonnie Chatmon (with other members, mainly Lonnie's brothers Sam and Armenter). The Shieks' most famous tune, "Sittin' on Top of the World," has been recorded by everyone from Howlin' Wolf to Bob Dylan to Jack White. Canadian musician Steve Dawson assembles a predominately Canadian line-up of guests in this set to give the Sheiks' catalog either a straightforward or fresh delivery. The North Mississippi All-Stars get things rocking from the get-go with "It's Backfirin' Now" and there are solid entries from Bruce Cockburn, Kelly Joe Phelps and the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Two women on this disc deliver the best renditions: Madeline Peyroux's sultry "Please Baby" and the relatively unknown Ndidi Onukwulu on the title track. A great set and a fitting tribute to an important, yet overlooked, blues legacy group. Michael J. 10/09 B-Roots (Delta)

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