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Two Suns


Are you like me and think split personality albums can be kind of pretentious? Bat For Lashes (aka Natasha Khan) has created another alter ego for her second album Two Suns, the follow-up to the Mercury-nominated Fur And Gold. Meet “Pearl,” a destructive blonde femme fatale who represents Natasha Khan's extreme nature. Khan says of the album, “(It) was born out of the coming together and journeying apart of two suns, two half hearts, celestial twins, a King and Queen…” (hmm…) That said, at least half of the songs here can stand repeated listens based on their quality, not on gimmicks or posturing. Khan’s beautiful yet creepy voice, along with cascading keyboard washes, and guest-star Yeasayer’s edgy beats make this album more than listenable, it’s quite lavish and dreamy. So ignore the dual-personalities and body paint and give the music a fair listen, you may actually enjoy it. ~Reviewed by LaRae

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