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Rickie Lee Jones

Evening of My Best Day


Rickie Lee Jones, who initially became successful decades ago with her tune "Chuck E's In Love" (a song about singer Chuck E. Weiss, who Jones, along with Tom Waits, helped become famous).  She has had many more albums since then and this most recent disc, The Evening of My Best Day, comes to us after a 6 year song writing block.  Listening to these tunes, I think she's come out of her block just fine.  Some of the songs were 15 years in the making and many are politically charged (of course!).  In fact the event that ended her writing block, was the election of George W. Bush and the passage of The Patriot Act.  The first track, "Ugly Man", seems to be a direct shot at Bush himself.  Then the tune "Tell Somebody", encourages the listener to protest.  Rickie Lee's vocal and music continue to be strong!

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