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Michael Doucet is best known for his role as fiddle player for one of the highest profile Cajun bands in the world, BeauSoleil. This solo release doesn’t stray far from the traditional Cajun music of BeauSoleil other than to pare the instrumentation down to just Doucet or, on a few tunes, to Doucet and either Todd Duke or Mitchell Reed on guitar or second fiddle. Regardless of the line-up, Doucet never fails to entertain. Allen Touissant’s "Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky" kicks things off in fine style with a powerful groove that makes it sound bigger than the acoustic duet that it is. "Madam Bourdreaux" is a rocking number that sounds like it could have fallen from one of his cousin Zachary Richard’s discs. "A Closer Walk with Thee/I Know" mixes things up a bit by tacking a funky ending onto the quiet, introspective introduction. Those looking for traditional French Cajun music and vocals should check out "Bee de la Manche" and "Chez Denouse". As is the case with much Cajun music, instrumental tracks dominate much of this disc with "Letwo-step de Basile", "Reels de Mamou", "Brasse le gombo vite (Stir the Gumbo Fast)", "Wade’s Two Step", "Chere Evangeline", "Happy One Step" and "L’amour ou la Folic" focusing on the traditional, and "Fonky Bayou" getting a more contemporary twist. Doucet also isn’t afraid to step outside the Cajun box a bit: "Madame Young" and "Contredanse De Mamou" have a more traditional folk feel and "New Orleans", "You Gotta Move" and "Saint Louis Blues" are closer to jazz and blues but fit in fine nevertheless. And what would a Cajun disc be without an accordion? "Amedee’s Accordion" takes care of that necessary ingredient. Throughout, Doucet’s playing is never less than mesmerizing with his solo tracks sending you to the liner notes to confirm all the intricate sounds are coming from just one man. Smitty

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