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Harps and Angels


Bullseye! Randy Newman is back and in fine form as he skewers immigration policy, embarrassing national leaders, rock stars with causes, people without consciences, bad parents, views of the afterlife -- in other words, Randy where have you been? We've desperately needed your surgical skill with musical satire! Now we have 10 new tunes, eight of which are meant to instruct through his Newmanesque humor and New Orleans orchestral style. "A Few Words in Defense of Our Country" is the classic example, as Newman "defends" our nation's leaders by comparing them to the worst leaders of all time. It is so well done, The New York Times actually printed the words as an op-ed piece. I wish we could play "A Piece of the Pie" (can't thanks to the FCC), but bringing Jackson Browne, "Johnny Cougar" and Bono into the conversation is priceless. And just when you think he's all about comedy, he delivers the closing song, "Feels Like Home," an absolutely gorgeous love song. Welcome back, Randy. 08/08 MJVD R-Esoteric NO PLAY #5.

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