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Stax Does The Beatles


Various Artists: Stax Does The Beatles: Stax Records Musicians are no strangers to reciprocity. Most anyone can think of at least a handful of tunes that have been covered my multiple artists, sometimes to greater effect. If you know a bit about Stax, the dynamic Memphis-based soul label, you probably know that a lot of reputable musicians wouldn’t shy away from gushing about the label’s wiz-bang roster and musical output. Most highly noted of those is none other than the Beatles. That said, what better show of mutual respect could exist than this set of Beatles covers performed by Stax’s finest. From Booker T. & The MGs instrumental takes on the songs to David Porter’s show-stopping vocal chops on ‘Help!’ you’ll realize the respect was most definitely mutual. All tracks suitable for airplay Reviewed by Trevor Edmonds : April 2008

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