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The Currys have blended familial vocals with an Americana, folk, blues spin. Siblings Jimmy (vocals, guitar) and Tommy Curry (vocals, guitar, mandolin, harmonica), cousin Galen Curry (vocals, guitar, keyboard), and new comers Matt "Trixx" Kauper (bass) and Johnny Humphreys (drums) make up the five-piece ensemble. Beginning as just the three family members, The Currys released their first EP in 2011 and, after gaining regional support in Florida, toured Ireland. PBS commissioned a documentary of the tour. The live shows garnered the group even further support, and they relocated from Florida to Charlottesville, Virginia, where Trixx and Johnny joined the group. Follow, their latest twelve-track, debut record, features vocals from all three Currys on a number of new tracks, some tracks they have been touring with for years, and three tracks from their EP. The album opens with "Wrecking Ball" an up-beat memory, which is followed by "Water From The Well" a harmony heavy love song taken from their self-titled EP. "Come on Home" features lyrics of longing for romantic reconciliation. "Follow", in a capella, and "How a Man's Supposed to Die", accompanied by simple acoustic guitar, are the shortest tracks on the album, with some of the strongest lyrics.
- Richard Martin

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