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The Show

Mystery and Art, Music and Wonder, Creativity and Inspiration all facets of who we are and what helps to alleviate our fears and calm our minds. 

The more mindful we become of how we can achieve these places of refreshing and restoration, the more we are able to connect to each other and hear beyond the static which can disrupt communication with each other. 

re:IMAGINE invites you to listen closer to the music inside and out. To re:DISCOVER how much we share as people. To re:CONNECT who we are with how we live. 

Favorite Albums

It would be difficult for me to identify favorite albums as a variety of music soothes or elevate me at different times depending on where I am. The program will perhaps mirror those moments as we journey together through an assortment of artists and arrangements which we may re:Discover together a new connection to the music.

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