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specializing in opening minds, acid flashbvcks and baby-makin'

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Good People Check
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Cibo Matto

Sugar Water
Super Relax 1997 via Warner Bros / Wea
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Casiotone For The Painfully Alone Feat. Dear Nora

Hot Boyz
Advance Battery Life
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Who Makes Your Money
Transference 2010 via Merge Records
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Herbie Hancock

Watermelon Man
Head Hunters
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2:40 am
West Michigan Co-op (click for more info)

The West Michigan Cooperative is the region's first online farmers market. The Co-op serves as a way for local farmers and consumers to stay connected all year long. Co-op members make online purchases from co-op producers then pick up and pay for orders at the monthly pick-up day. Learn more at west michigan coop dot com.


Hell Yes
Guero 2005 via Geffen Records
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Charles Mingus

Hobo Ho
Let My Children Hear Music
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the Olivia Tremor Control

I Have Been Floated
Black Foliage: Animation Music Vol. 1
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2:20 am
Hat Trick - Missy Raines and the New Hip (click for more info)
The 20th season of WYCE's Hat Trick Concert Series is underway! The Hat Trick series features nationally touring artists performing to raise funds for area non-profits in free Monday night shows. Next up is Missy Raines and the New Hip - at One Trick Pony Grill and Taproom, Monday, September 27 at 7:30 pm. Missy Raines is the seven-time International Bluegrass Music Association bass player of the year. Her gifted quintet gets hip on their Compass Records debut, Inside Out. We'll pass the hat for Grand Rapids Red Project - improving health, preventing HIV, reducing risk. Once again, WYCE's Hat Trick concert series is made possible with support from The Law Firm of Rhoades McKee; lodging for the artists is provided by Peaches Bed and Breakfast; and audio support is provided by Mark Swanson. More at!

the Beach Boys

Heros and Villians
Good Vibrations: the best of the Beach Boys
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Id Y Bonobo 2007 via Independent


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Seven Years Gone
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The Colour Revolt

The Cradle 2010 via Dualtone Music Group
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2:00 am
D.A. Blodgett / St. John's (click for more info)

D.A. Blodgett - St. John's works to enhance the well being of children and their families by providing traditional and innovative programs that will assure the best opportunities to realize their potential as human beings. Services include family counseling, therapy, pregnancy support, adoption, foster care, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and more. Learn more at D A Blodgett dot org

the Beatles

Tomorrow Never Knows
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Nobody On The Subway
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The Children
Odd Blood 2010 via Secretly Canadian
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The Vowels pt. 2
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This is Where It Gets Good
Tomorrow Morning 2010 via E Works
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1:40 am
Disability Advocates (click for more info)

Disability Advocates of Kent County advocates, assists, educates, and informs independent living options for persons with disabilities and works to create a barrier-free society for all. Information on a wide variety of disability related issues is available for employers, organizations and other interested parties. Disability Advocates dot U S

Talking Heads

And She Was
Popular Favorites 1976-1992-Sand In the Vaseline 1992 via Sire / London/Rhino
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You Think It's Like This but really it's like this
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Guided By Voices

Game of Pricks
Aliens Lanes
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Daniel Johnston

True Love Will Find You in the End
Welcome To My World 2006 via High Wire Music
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Bill Callahan

Jim Cain
Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle
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1:20 am
Prospecto! (click for more info)
It's Day Two of the inaugural Prospecto Musical Showcase and Sonic Experience - with live music in 9 Grand Rapids locations - today and tomorrow. Highlights of today's presentation include Smoking Popes, Paucity, My Dear Disco, Charles the Osprey, Papa Vegas, Moss Folk, Flosstradamus and "Jizzuh - The Genius" performing his classic album "Liquid Swords" in its entirety. Single day passes are available for purchase at The Intersection Lounge. Single venue passes are available at the door. For venues and lineups - Prospecto GR dot com


A House is not a Motel
Forever Changes
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Farewell Transmission
Magnolia Electric Co.
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the Walkmen

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1:00 am
Toast and Jams (click for more info)
From 7 to 9 weekday mornings, Toast and Jams fortifies your day with WYCE’s eclectic commercial-free music! At 8:20 we bring you The First Amendment Quote of the Day – a salute to free expression from notable figures past and present. At 8:30 it’s Earth and Sky: A Clear Voice for Science. Plus in-studio interviews with local non-profit organizations, artist birthday celebrations and This Day in Music. Toast and Jams! weekday mornings on listener sponsored 88.1 FM WYCE!


Gravelly Mountains of the Moon
Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free
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The Dead Weather

Blue Blood Blues
Sea of Cowards 2010 via Warner Brothers
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Al Green

Let's Get Married
Living for You
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James Brown

There Was A Time
The 50th Anniversary Collection 2003 via Utv Records
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Les Terribles

Ne Le Decois Pas
Les Terribles
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12:40 am
(Generic) C-SNIP (click for more info)

The Community Spay-Neuter Initiative Partnership (C-SNIP) seeks to significantly reduce the overpopulation of dogs and cats in West Michigan by providing low-cost spay and neuter services and by supporting all efforts that promote humane population control. C-SNIP is always looking for volunteers who share the belief that sterilization of dogs and cats results in healthier pets and reduces the number of abandoned and unwanted pets. More information about C-SNIP can be found by calling 616-455-8220 or by emailing

Link Wray

Deacon Jones
Jack The Ripper
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the Sonics

Here are The Sonics
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The Black Lips

200 Million Thousand 2009 via Vice
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My New Black Tooth

Everytime Things Fall Apart
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End of the Cold War
Punching Bee Music - Vol. 1 2007 via Punching Bee Music


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12:20 am
In-studio performances (click for more info)

Did you know that if you missed a live in-studio performance and interview from one of the many artists that visit WYCE, you can listen to it on our web page? Visit for "In Case You Missed It" -- an archive of past in-studio performances. You can find these great performances by typing the word "missed" in the search box at the top of the page. And don't forget you can find all of our concert announcements, public service announcements and sponsor messages -- plus a complete list of every song we play, by clicking on the "Playlists" link. And all the while, you can listen to WYCE 24/7 from anywhere in the world. That's wyce dot org.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

Round and Round
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Cocteau Twins

the Pink Opaque
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Lights at Sea

Palace Walls 2010 via Barrett Records


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City Center

Sky Flowers
Spring Street
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12:00 am
Traditions! (click for more info)
American Roots, Redefined - Sundays, 8 AM