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Catalyst Radio: Programmers Hall of Fame

2017 marks the 30th Anniversary of WYCE! In celebration of the hundreds of volunteer programmers who have made it all possible, we are establishing the WYCE Programmer Hall of Fame. Join us at Jammies XVIII as we honor our first four inductees! Today, host Jessica Gladden speaks with two members of the inaugural class, Capt'n Kurt and Nanette O'Connell.

WYCE's "Songs We Like" playlist Includes 25 Regional Songs from 2016

Featuring: Strawberry Heritage, Conrad Shock and the Noise, Hi-Ker, Empty Houses, Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish, The Bootstrap Boys, I Believe in Julio, Flushed, Norty, The Great Ones, Dante Cope, Channing and Quinn, Joe Shields, Big Dudee Roo, Heaters, Alexander Lynch, Trash Hounds, Rick Chyme and Nixon, Coffin Problem, The Crane Wives, Kari Lynch, Public Access, Bermudas, Sligh, The Seventh