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Electric Poetry: Kristin Brace

This episode of Electric Poetry aired on 9/10/2019 on 88.1 FM WYCE. About the poet: Kristin Brace is a writer living in West Michigan. Her small obsessions include books, houseplants, Italy, the scent of tomatoes fresh from the vine, names, peonies at their peak, the Oxford comma, accordion music in a minor key, colors, Lake Michigan in every weather, and kittens in the sun.

Electric Poetry: Alex Luu

This episode aired on 9/02/2019 on 88.1 FM WYCE. About the poet: Alex Luu is an Asian American writer, performer, and speaking artist based in Los Angeles, CA. He's a poetry slam champion, having won Texas Grand Slam (2017). He has served as the co-captain of a Brave New Voices team (2016), representing Los Angeles, which placed 7th in the world, and has been the captain of USC's collegiate poetry team since 2015.

Electric Poetry: Kyle Flak

This episode of Electric Poetry, which aired on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019, features local poet Kyle Flak reading from his newest collection, "Sweatpants Paradise." About the poet: Kyle Flak's newest books are "Sweatpants Paradise" and "I Am Sorry For Everything in the Whole Universe", both from Gold Wake Press. His writing has recently appeared in Bat City Review, jubilat, Mudfish, Poetry East, Spinning Jenny, and Whiskey Island. He attended Northern Michigan University and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. You can follow him on Twitter (@kpflak) and YouTube.

Electric Poetry: Rosie Accola

This episode aired on June 18th, 2019 on 88.1 FM WYCE. About the poet: Rosie Accola is a writer, editor, and poet. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2018 with her BFA in writing. Her first full-length collection, "Referential Body", is out now via Ghost City Press. You can find her on Instagram @rosieaccola.

Electric Poetry: Tim Hawkins

This episode of Electric Poetry, which aired on 10/9/2018, features Tim Hawkins. About the poet: Tim Hawkins has lived and traveled widely throughout North America, Southeast Asia, Europe and Latin America, where he has worked as a journalist, technical writer, communications manager and teacher in international schools. His career also has taken some interesting detours into such posts as salmon cannery slime table worker, stevedore, nose-hair clipper model and cram school teacher. After spending much of the '90's and '00's abroad, he currently lives in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. His writing has appeared in numerous print and online publications (see Bibliography and Selected Poems Tabs). He has been nominated for Best of the Net (2018), for a Pushcart Prize (2011, 2017) and was chosen to serve as preliminary judge for the 47th Annual Dyer-Ives Poetry Competition (2015), judged by Mark Doty. His poetry collection, Wanderings at Deadline, was published in 2012 by Aldrich Press.

Electric Poetry: Sibling Rivalry Press

This episode of Electric Poetry, which aired on 10/2/18, features poems from Sibling Rivalry Press authors, including Sarah Browning, Stephen S. Mills, Annah Anti-Palindrome, Casey Rocheteau, Michael Klein, and Nickole Brown, as well as poetry and conversation from Bryan Borland!!!

Electric Poetry: Thought

This episode of Electric Poetry, which aired on 9/25/18, features a wisdom-heavy interview and three fantastic, life-affirming poems from Alex Beecroft, aka Thought. <3

Electric Poetry: Kyd Kane

This episode of Electric Poetry, which aired on 9/18/18, features poems and an interview with Grand Rapids poet and artist Kyd Kane. ❤ We talk about her ArtPrize entry and how words are a power we often take for granted. About the poet: Ericka “Kyd Kane” Thompson is a writer, spoken word poet and performance activist native to Grand Rapids, MI. Kyd Kane uses her poetry to highlight issues plaguing our community and provides positive options for overcoming them. Understanding that the systems behind our struggles are deep-rooted, Kyd speaks about using the power of self-acceptance and positive thoughts to bring about change within. In 2017, Kyd Kane became the first poet to be named as a finalist in ArtPrize with her very first entry "broke(n)hunger". Currently she can be found spreading her passion for performance art at events locally, throughout the country and at the bi-weekly open mic series, Creston Vibes: Open Sessions, that she co-hosts at Creston Brewery in Grand Rapids, MI.

Electric Poetry: Linda Nemec Foster

This episode of Electric Poetry, which aired on 9/11/18, features poetry and an interview with Linda Nemec Foster! We talk about Michigan heritage, mermaids, and how poetry has a way of calling out to all of us.