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Live from Austin TX


“Her voice has been described as lush, torchy, melancholic – even scary (someone once wrote that ‘she sings like Patsy Cline’s ghost’).” At the time this collection was recorded during an Austin City Limits performance in August 2003, Case had three solo releases. She now has six or so and is getting ready to tour with Merl Haggard, doing some of her own shows in smaller venues along the way, before jumping going international. (At the time of this review 1-2007) And for good reason: this lady is an excellent singer-songwriter in a subtly edgy kind of way. No bells or whistles on this album, just a singer, her guitar and her little band, and an appreciative audience. HIGHLIGHTS: her own 9-Wayfaring Stranger with banjo, 11-In California, and Dylan’s 12-Bucket of Rain with some sweet pedal steel…and more…and the amazing and consistent sound quality for a live performance. – Michael Burgwin

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