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Catch and Release (Soundtrack)


Something otherworld about this album…a psychological aura, not explosive or violent, that just floats dreamily along at the edge of anticipation…succumbing to a force that is melodically ambiguous, a darker shade of gray. Even the lighter stuff, 4-Mornings Eleven by The Magic Numbers –popfolkabilly? -- and the poppy 6-Electrified and Ripe by Steve Durand have an edgy weirdness like the whole crazy place carved out by this album is about to escape by dissolving within itself. And then, at 11-These Three Sins (Gomez) the album turns a corner, but its hard to tell if it escapes the centrifugal force of the psychic curve. Something tells me this music should be depressing, but, instead, it’s intriguing, not hopeful, but expectant and moody. A cool invitation to see the movie, find out how close the soundtrack comes to painting the picture absent the paint. - Mostly

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