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Danger! Use with caution! Achtung! This might have taken over as WYCE's loudest rock and roll album in our library. (Track selection will be key.quite a bit of screaming on certain songs especially on Disc 2) My Morning Jacket fans could see this one coming. In fact, it was destiny that MMJ would make a double live album. It has been decades since rock and roll has seen a band like this. Bands like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, The Who are probably all smiling in approval at these boys from Louisville Kentucky. Although the song selections were fairly safe.mostly their greatest hits types of tunes, they deviate enough from the studio album versions, and threw in a few older songs that this 2 disc set is certainly welcomed. Okonokos contains 8 tracks from their current disc Z, 7 from its' predecessor It Still Moves, and 6 tracks from their earlier independent label releases. The strength of these discs are in their entirety (unfortunate for our radio station purposes), Okonokos displays their ability to make their music work as a vehicle, as well as capturing the intensity of a live MMJ show. Lead Singer Jim James definitely shows off more of the rock side on Okonokos, much less of his singer songwriter type of material from albums past. Although, the lone exception Golden is great, with some nice steel added by new guitarist Carl Broemel who replaced Jim's cousin Johnny Quaid in 05. Noteworthy. is that many of these songs have the signature MMJ big closing jams. It nearly makes you sweaty just listening. Disc One is very good. All of the tracks are playable, however Tracks 8 and 9 have a lot of screaming and might not be as good as the studio versions for the radio, but it is your show Disc Two is some seriously intense rock. Track #B-1 Don Donte has a lot of screaming and some high-pitched vocals (suggestion try studio version on Z). No Play Track 2 Run Thru "Oh Shit Run". Tracks 3-6 are new to the WYCE library, although track 5, O Is The One That Is Real has a lot of screaming vocals. No Play track #B-7 Steam Engine "God Damn those shaky knees". -Rizzo

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