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This is the kind of folk music that is so close to country that if one line of each track was taken out, it would definitely be strictly considered folk. But since the heavy twang of the steel guitar exists on this album, it is officially folk/country-with the slash and country obviously being larger than the folk. That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing, it just is such an overpowering feature. If I were producing this album, which even the thought of producing an album of any kind is a stretch of the imagination, I would, without a doubt, eliminate that distracting factor. I like the music and I hope they continue to make it as a band, but maybe consider losing the distraction. Some of the tracks with a little less country, which make them good, are 3 “Bones in the Well,” 5 “Persephone,” and 9 “Bury Me.” -Jake Burritt

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