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The Trials of Van Occupanther


The third release from a band comprised of old schoolmates at Denton, Texas’ North Texas School of Music. This album shying a bit away from their self-recorded, low-fi psychedelic pop debut, and focuses more on all that was good from the 70s. The beautiful vocals and symphonic harmonies lead this album in the direction of being compared to the best stuff that came from the band America and is reminiscent of Laurel Canyon troubadours like Neil Young and Gene Clark. The CD starts off right with probably the best track on the album “Roscoe,” then it follows up well with 3 “Head Home” and title track 4 “Van Occupanther.” Other tracks to hear are 6 “Branches,” and the corny synth-lined track 9 “It Covers the Hillsides.” -Jake Burritt

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