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Roadside Flowers


These guys are solid, from the snappy hi-hats to jumpy bass lines and guitar licks, everything-just solid. Track 2 This is the first full-length release from Detroit-based quartet, recorded in Ann Arbor. These tracks whisper and scream, and take more turns than a New York City cab driver in a day. Each song has its own emotion and skillful execution, and "progresses nomadically through an astonishing breadth of “Lucus” digresses from pounding tom-toms and quick guitaring to a bedtime story feel. By far my favorite track was 4 “All is Still in Working Order,” but some other solid ones are the focus track 3 “Designs,” the down-to-earth heavenly 6 “Coma,” and the album’s dramatic peak in 10-minute long track 8 “Cowards,” although I do feel that all the tracks are very deserving of some air time. -Jake Burritt

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