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From the Soil to the Soul


) Quannum Records picks up San Francisco native skateboarding legend Tommy Guerrero to release his fourth full-length album, From the Soil to the Soul. This release is a bit darker than his other ones, and most of this has to do with the deep, thick, intense bass lines throughout pretty much all of the tracks. It’s an interesting combination of dark, funky bass lines and summery, surfing, sunny guitar riffs. It makes for an easy listen, definitely some serious chill out music. Guerrero has plenty of special guests dropping in on the album to diversify it a little, and the tracks with these artists on vocals tend to be the better ones, such as: Bing Ji Ling’s vocals on 10 “Don’t Fake It,” Curumin’s Portuguese vocals on the Brazilian lounge 7 “Salve,” percussionist Andrew Borger on 5 “No Guns More Glory,” and the light, airy female vocals on 4 “Tomorrow’s Goodbye.” A lot of these tracks sound like they should be in heist movies, the final track 14 “Molotov Telegram” would definitely be rolling in the background during the most intense action scene…where the con artists do the deed of stealing the diamond and everything is about to fall apart. -Jake Burritt

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