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Death Songs For The Living


Jay Farrar and Anders Parker create this unbelievable album which will please any fan of Farrar’s earlier band Uncle Tupelo and his recent band Son Volt. A record where every other song is a short instrumental, the actual songs, which are made up of traditional folk songs are works of alt-country art, just as any Uncle Tupelo record was. Once this album hits your c.d. player, it will remain for a long time. Check out tracks 5 “Hills Of Mexico”, track 13 “Death Is Only A Dream”, track 17 “Little Girls and Dreadful Snake”, and two righteous original Gob Iron songs track 11 “Nicotine Blues” and track 19 “Buzz & Grind”. If you like Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt, or Varaline, you’ll love this album. If you’ve never heard of any of those bands, you’ll still enjoy this record. – Lane

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