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The Veil


In only their second album, this band conjures up a bombshell of killer vocals packed with compelling lyrics, classic symphonic stringed instruments, and not even close to the typical rock beats and rhythms. Everything about this band is original and inspiring. Everything is deep and heartfelt. Everything is perfect. Some of the most talented music I’ve ever heard, it’s a great, earthy blend of everything good about modern music in one diverse rock group. ALL of the tracks deserve playtime, but some that stick out a little bit would definitely have to be peppy first track “I am not a Murderer,” the booming buildup in title track 3 “The Veil,” 5 “Ocean Mile,” the overpowering, heart wrenching vocals in 8 “True Love Waits,” the suspiciously clever 10 “Davy Jones,” and the only track not written by lead vocal and guitarist Ross Seligman, closing track 11 “I See Everything,” which was composed by backup vocalist and upright and electric bassist Will Amend and violinist Alessandra Dinu. -Jake Burritt

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