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The Morning After


So depressing, yet somehow fun, poppy, and relaxing. Pal’s delivery of confrontational lyrics is done in such a peaceful, dreamy voice it’s hard to get down listening to this music. It is her seventh release, so she knows what she’s doing, and obviously what she’s doing is working for her. I didn’t like the first track “People Talk” at all, but the rest of them were equally pretty good. Track 2 “Anger,” 3 “Big Man,” 12 “Schizophrenic,” and 7 “How Stupid,” are pretty playable. -Jake Burritt The 7th release, The Morning After for former lead singer and song writer of Slow Children, Pal Shazar sings with a unique vocal style of lost hope and love. Collaborating with her husband Jules Shear, Pal has surrounded herself with the sparse musicianship that captures the moody feel in the melodies of all 13 songs. -Slip

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