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Third time out for the musical couple Juju Stulbach and Chris Root, who along with keyboardist Jon Marshall Smith make up this unusual band. Armed with a rhythm section this time, the ‘skeeters arrangements are more involved, with a bit of a psychedelic ‘60s feel. This set is also a little less perky, with only a few numbers leading with that catchy samba beat of the first two records. If you liked that sound, check out “One” (#4), “Mama’s Belly” (#5) and ‘Love Like You” (#9). Juju and Chris have a couple of nice duets on “Reason to Believe” (#6)and “Nowhere Left to Go” (#7). If all that isn’t enough for you, “Soap” (#8) borrows some musical lines from “A Summer Place”and Juju sings Neil Young’s “A Man Needs a Maid” in Portuguese(#14). “Texas is Huge” (#11) is an entertaining instrumental. 10/06 MJVD

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