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The Information


Approximately 1,000 albums later, Beck still has it. Well, he’s got something at least, it’s just definitely matured. This album is jam-packed with as much sound as Mr. Hansen could possibly stuff in it. The Information is a much more groove-based album than Sea Change or even the underrated Guero. Out of all his past albums, the most comparable would be Midnite Vultures, but even that doesn’t do it justice. His beats, grooves, hooks, and rhymes come alive as he goes back to the “junkyard pop”; he certainly explores his talents and tests the boundaries of music in his latest, and in my mind, one of his greatest, albums. Almost all the tracks are solidly playable, but some that stick out are 2 “Think I’m In Love,” 4 “Strange Apparition,” 9 “We Dance Alone,” 10 “No Complaints,” and the title track 13 “The Information.” -Jake Burritt

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