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The Ballad of Milton Quigley


Michael Leonhart in The Ballad of Minton Quigley takes orchestral pop, classic Rock, folk-singer songwriting, and dreamy organic electronic to create his fourth album. Growing up surrounded by music it was only inevitable that Michael would succeed in the music biz. Michael has performed with many diverse artists such as Busta Rhymes, James Brown and many more. Michael has appeared in over 75 albums and at the early age of 17 was honored as the youngest Grammy recipient. In this album Michael plays a wide variety of instruments, accompanied by his band which he has toured with since 2005. Also this album includes an addition of strings, brass, and woodwinds on a few of the tracks.-Ben Buteyn Facts: *Leonhart has performed with Steely Dan since 1996, recording two albums with them. *Michael has composed and performed music for movies, TV, dance, fashion shows, and has appeared on more than 75 albums. *At age 17, Michael was honored as the youngest Grammy recipient in history, cited as the most outstanding musician in a US high school. That same year, ABC world news named him “Person of the Week.”

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