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Robyn Hitchcock

Ole! Tarantula


"We sound like a smart garage band, to my ears, when we play live. The record is a little more tidy, but they still rock, and rock me along with them. This is the rockingest record I've made in years," Robyn Hitchcock says of his latest album "Ole! Tarantula." To even his amazement is the variety and quality of artists he brought together for the Yep Roc Records release. "A surreal vision and Technicolor celebration of life - from its inception and the whole catastrophe of it - till its groovy decay and inevitable last breath," Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3 funk and groove about rocket ships, museums of sex, red locusts, N.Y. Dolls, and, of course, tarantulas. Tracks to hear are title track 5 "Ole! Tarantula," 1 "Adventure Rocket Ship," 2 "Underground Sun," 8 "'Cause It's Love (Saint Parallelogram)," and don't miss the killer piano line of 4 "Belltown Ramble." Jake Burritt

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