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Club D'Elf

Now I Understand


The Boston-based Jazz/Electronica/Funk/Jam band, Club D'Elf, has finally recorded their first studio album. The band has been performing together, with or without select "club members," once a week at The Lizzard Lounge in Cambridge, MA and many other hot spots across the nation and in other countries. They pulled together an enormous pool of 100 talented musicians to produce Now I Understand, displaying the endless number of options available to Mike Rivard, bass player and group's musical mastermind. Some of their creations include: 2 "Bass Beat Box," 3 "Hungry Ghosts," 4 "Quilty," 6 "A Toy for a Boy," 8 "What Would Cthulhu Do," 11 "Wetbones," and 12 "Vision of Kali." Be prepared to lose consciousness from Club D'Elf's style inspired by African and Middle Eastern trance. Jake Burritt

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