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This Bob Dylan inspired folk singer-songwriter is arguably “the closest we have come to a pop music of ideas.” In his sixth full-length album, Breath, Bern once again reunites with big-league producer Chuck Plotkin to create songs that are “at once flashy, flaky, unsentimental, comic, contradictory, absurd, dazzling, ornery, sometimes blushingly direct, and sometimes dreamy." During his already prolific recording career, the singer-songwriter has alternated, oftentimes from one song to the next or even verse to verse, between documenting the spirit of the times and retreating into the personal concerns with which we all grapple. His work has only gotten more brazen and brilliant since his self titled debut album from 1997.“In a genre that on the surface seems to be progressing, but in reality is becoming staler every year, Dan Bern's take on folk music is refreshing to say the least.” ( Jake Burritt

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