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Supply and Demand


Supply and Demand, Amos Lee’s sophomore album, is the product of the band’s dedicated musicians who sweat 12-20 hours a day for a year working on parts, coming up with arrangements, talking, living, eating, and breathing music.“The work ethic of this band is apparent, as their intangible, almost innate compliment to Lee creates a splendid atmosphere for these songs to come to life.” The band, comprised of drummer Fred Berman, bassist Jaron Olevsky, and guitarist Nate Skiles, has spent almost the entire past 3 years on the road sharing stages with legendary artists like Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Merle Haggard, and John Prine. The music produced in this second in-studio recording by Amos Lee has a truly organic feel, many of the tracks featuring a loose, balanced sound that fully involves every bit of air the sound travels through. “There are stark, introspective moments, poignant moments of narration,and streams of light that lift the listener just as the darkness begins to settle.” Jake Burritt

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