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The General


WYCE's Best Local Rock Album of 2004

What we said then...
(reviewed 4/8/2004)

Fearless prediction time: This is the most eclectic local release of the year.

Originally formed in 1995, this Kalamazoo band has withstood line-up changes, mission changes, an undeserved obscurity and 4 full-length releases on their way to ultimately creating thIS lean, artistic package.

Conceived in much the same way as their recent Seven Chances, these compositions serve as their accompanying soundtrack for educational screenings of a Buster Keaton film, in this case the 1927 silent film The General. Unlike Seven Chances, this disc is concise, leaving out the filler, creating a tight package that’s formatted for listening (and programming) not just thorough documenting.

Better yet, it’s bound to evoke that “That was local?” feeling. Not likely many others in the area will cover French cabaret, flute-spiced soul blues, otherworldly Cocteau Twins-inspired harmonies, Edgar Allen Poe and percussion masterpieces (fueled by one of West Michigan’s best, Carolyn Koebel) like “Time is Tickin’” and the indie-Celtic (?) “Jenny’s Dub Chickens”. This is the best female-lead local release since Roberta Bradley & Gypsy.

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