The Be Good Tanyas

Hello Love


A pefect analogy to describe The Be Good Tanya’s third full-length release, Hello Love, would be to say that you are staring at a really good quilt; you know that it’s not just a “patchwork.” The hands that put it together may be from more than one artisan. The elements of its creation can come from all sorts of sources; new textiles, old garments, stitching-utilitarian and decorative, showy and subtle. The end result being a warm, cohesive whole. Frazey Ford, Trish Klein, and Samantha Parton’s music has been tagged as being beguiling, haunting, rustic, ambient, hobo-erotica, and goth-folk. The group, formed in British Columbia, started touring throughout the heartland of the southern US and New Orleans in the spring of 2000. Shortly after, they recorded their first album Blue Horse, and two years later, Chinatown. They even wrote a song for Wayne Wang’s film Because of Winn-Dixie, they are extremely proud of it and the fact that it’s the first song in the movie. The Be Good Tanya’s old-fashioned blend of folk, country, and blues are accentuated by their sweet harmonies and finger-picking. Hello Love will touch you in a way that a thick, warm blanket does on a cold winter day. Tracks to hear are the featured track 6 “Scattered Leaves,” 1 “Human Thing,” 2 “For the Turnstiles,” and the up-beat finger-picking of 4 “Opal.”

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